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Early termination of the mission precluded reaching all mission targets, but one major goal – rendezvous and docking – was completed. The GATV major and secondary propulsion methods have been used for six maneuvers to place the docked spacecraft into position for rendezvous with the Gemini VIII GATV as a passive goal. Five maneuvers completed the spacecraft/GATV rendezvous at 1 hour 25 minutes ground elapsed time, and the 2 automobiles docked nine minutes later. After successfully attaining rendezvous in the course of the third revolution – a secondary goal – the crew found that the ATDA shroud had failed to separate, precluding docking – a major objective – as well as docking follow – one other secondary objective. The ATDA was a back-up for the Gemini Agena Goal Vehicle (GATV). However three several types of rendezvous have been examined with the ATDA. After about three hours of stationkeeping, the spacecraft separated from the GATV. The spacecraft undocked at forty four hours 40 minutes floor elapsed time, separated from the GATV, and used its personal thrusters to complete the second rendezvous some three hours later. At 39 hours 30 minutes floor elapsed time, the crew reported that little or no thrust was obtainable from two orbit attitude and maneuver thrusters. A significant downside developed 27 minutes after docking, when a spacecraft orbit perspective and maneuver system (OAMS) thruster malfunctioned.

The spacecraft was positioned in an angle with the thickest side of the CM heatshield away from the photo voltaic vector. Bennington Main targets of the mission were to demonstrate the structural and thermal integrity of the area car and to verify adequacy of the Block II heatshield design for entry at lunar return situations. Apollo 4 (AS-501) was launched in the first all-up test of the Saturn V launch car and also in a check of the CM heatshield. 5304) was launched from the Eastern Test Range as part of the Gemini 9 mission. He spent part of the interval at the spacecraft adapter, evaluating numerous restraint techniques and performing varied basic duties. Several secondary goals had been additionally achieved: rendezvous and docking through the fourth revolution, evaluating the auxiliary tape memory unit, demonstrating controlled reentry, and parking the GATV. Major goal of the mission was achieved through the fourth revolution when the spacecraft rendezvoused with the GATV at 5 hours 23 minutes floor elapsed time and docked with it about half-hour later. The crew was in a position, nonetheless, to achieve other secondary targets: an equi-interval rendezvous, using onboard optical strategies and completed at 6 hours 36 minutes floor elapsed time; and a rendezvous from above, simulating the rendezvous of an Apollo command module with a lunar module in a decrease orbit (accomplished at 21 hours forty two minutes floor elapsed time).

The Saturn V, used for the primary time, carried a lunar module check article (LTA-10R) and a Block I command and service module (CSM 017) into orbit from KSC Launch Complex 39, Pad A, lifting off at 7:00:01 a.m. EST March 16. The Gemini VIII spacecraft adopted from Launch Complex 19 at 11:Forty one a.m., with command pilot Neil A. Armstrong and pilot David R. Scott aboard. The Atlas-Agena goal automobile for the Gemini VIII mission was efficiently launched from KSC Launch Complex 14 at 10 a.m. Ths was efficiently launched. Rendezvous and docking have been accomplished with the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle (GATV) that had been launched from Cape Kennedy aboard an Atlas Booster simply ahead of GT-10. The spacecraft and its goal vehicle rendezvoused and docked, with docking confirmed 6 hours 33 minutes after the spacecraft was launched. EST March 17. Although the flight was lower short by the incident, one in all the primary targets – rendezvous and docking (the primary rendezvous of two spacecraft in orbital flight) – was achieved.Major targets of the scheduled three-day mission have been to rendezvous and dock with the Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) and to conduct extravehicular actions. During this interval, a bending mode check was conducted to find out the dynamics of the docked vehicles, standup extravehicular activties (EVA) were performed, and several other experiments were performed.